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Here you can read about the scientific background of Diet for a Green Planet.

Here we list examples of research that supports the tenets of the concept.

Within the related ERDF project MatLust, we have commissioned the agricultural expert Gunnar Rundgren to produce reports on hot topics. These reports are not scientific works per se but are based on reviews and compilations of solid research and statistics. In English a brief based on a report on dairy products compared to plant-based alternatives is available:

Sweden's national food strategy and the regional food strategy for Stockholm County are not scientific publications, but are important to us in that they set goals for organic and diversified production, and confirm and support the direction of our work. 

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The scientific basis

Dietary Guidelines from Swedish National Food Agency Diet for a Green planet's guidelines for healthy eating habits are based on […]

Related research

In the fall of 2019, Project MatLust initiated an update of Diet for a Green Planet. Part of this work […]

Collection of material

On this page you can download material if you want to learn more about Diet for a Green Planet or […]

Diet for a Green Planet is a concept by Södertälje kommun via MatLust Utvecklingsnod