BERAS (Building Ecological Regenerative Agriculture and Society)

Diet for a Green Planet is one of three concepts developed by the BERAS (2003-2006) and BERAS Implementation (2010-2013) projects and that continue to be developed by BERAS International Foundation.

The concepts are:

  • Ecological Regenerative Agriculture
  • Sustainable Food Societies
  • Diet for a Green Planet

Together these three concepts form a holistic understanding of the food system. Diet for a Green Planet is relevant for anyone who eats, but more specifically for catering, dietists, chefs and for professionals related to planning of diets and menus. Ecological Regenerative Agriculture is in the first hand relevant for farmers and professionals related to agriculture and physical planning, but also for anyone who eats food and is concerned with health in a broad sense. Sustainable Food Societies is related to the ideas of local cluster development and learning. It is about capitalising on the quality of supporting local Ecological Regenerative Agriculture and infrastructure including dairy, slaughter, mill, logistics and consumers that understand the ideas behind Diet for a Green Planet.

The two BERAS projects developed both research reports, education materials, follow up projects and networks. To access these – please go to the BERAS Library. The materials are when not otherwise stated co-funded by EU and are available for free download.

Sara Jervfors

Head of project, MatLust & Head of Diet Units in Södertälje municipality and Gnesta municipality
Phone: +46 08 523 064 66

Hans von Essen

Senior advisor, Food Systems. MD BERAS International Foundation. Main teacher, Diet for a Green Planet, Change Leader, Stensund Folk Highschool. Main teacher, Diet for a Green Planet, Managing Transformations in the Food System, Novia University.
Phone: +46 735 627738
Daniel Dworetsky
08-523 010 00 (vxl)
Latest update: 22 April 2021
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Diet for a Green Planet is a concept by Södertälje kommun via MatLust Utvecklingsnod