How we work in Södertälje's kitchens

Södertälje's schools and kindergartens have implemented, Diet for a Green Planet since 2010. And these criteria have been indicative for both procurement and practical cooking in their activities.

Södertälje Municipality's dietary unit serves food for kindergartens, schools and elderly care. We cook about 13000 servings every day when schools are open. The school lunches are normally served with different options: two main courses, one of which should be a fully nutritious vegetarian option, a soup and an extensive salad buffet consisting of at least six vegetable varieties, one of which should be based on leguminous plants and one on cereals. One day a week there is always a completely vegetarian choice.

The range of foods in the school restaurants are based on Diet for a Green Planet and the goal is to encourage students to eat more vegetables, legumes and whole grains while reducing animal products and meat. For example, instead of serving white rice from Asia that causes large methane emissions, we instead serve Swedish whole grain cereal as a carbohydrate source, rich in whole grain and beneficial nutrients, that is satisfying for a long while and has a low environmental impact. 

Sustainable and healthy food has not always been positively received in schools. Changes need to be made gradually while building relationships with pupils, teachers and parents. Don’t try to do it all at once, but to take one step at a time and try out how you can serve sustainable foods on the students' terms.

Sara Jervfors

Head of project, MatLust & Head of Diet Units in Södertälje municipality and Gnesta municipality
Tel: +46 08 523 064 66

Latest update: 22 April 2021
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Diet for a Green Planet is a concept by Södertälje kommun via MatLust Utvecklingsnod