AGRI-URBAN – URBACT Action Planning Network 2016-2018

AGRI-URBAN was a 2 year action planning network within the EU programme URBACT III during June 2016-June 2018. Teaming up with eleven partners from ten European countries, Södertälje municipality actively focused on increasing the number of job opportunities within ”green businesses”. This was executed mainly through innovative actions creating possibilities for new initiatives within local farming and public meals.

Södertälje has some of the best farm land in the region, as well as a long tradition of organic farming and the proximity to the biggest food market in Sweden – the capital, Stockholm. More local farming, both professional and recreational, could create a more attractive city and municipality. This would mean a greener city, more places to buy local fruits and vegetables, and possibilities for families to grow some of their own food.

The project was run as a co-operation between several key actors within the municipality – Destination Södertälje/MatLust, the municipal Executive Committee and the Community Planning Office. As a partner in AGRI-URBAN Södertälje and MatLust was inspired by many interesting methods and examples from other European municipalities. The Project Leader of MatLust, Helena Nordlund, contributed with knowledge and resources to the project's Integrated Action Plan, which serves as a guide for the continuing work after the project was terminated. A local project group was formed with different key actors, continuing the work after the project.

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Integrated Action Plan

Case study on Norrbyvälle


  • Project: AGRI-URBAN – URBACT Action Planning Network
  • Time frame: June 2016-June 2018
  • Participating cities: Baena (Spain, lead partner), Fundão (Portugal), Monmouthshire County Council (Great Britain), LAG Pays des Condruses (Belgium), Södertälje (Sweden), Jelgava Local Municipality (Latvia), Petrinja (Croatia), Pyli (Greece), Cesena (Italy), Mouans-Sartoux (France), Mollet Del Vallès (Spain)
Helena Nordlund

Project manager, MatLust
Tel: + 46 08 523 071 23

Latest update: 22 April 2021
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