Local alternatives to imported products

Here is inspiration for those who want to find local alternatives to imported products:

  • Imported product: Ris
  • Swedish grown alternative: Whole grain cereals, such as whole barley, whole oats and whole spelt.
  • Use: Whole cereals can be cooked and served as a co-component, for example with stews. Flavor preferably with stock or spices. Also served in salads, vegetarian patties or in a classic style in bread baking.

  • Imported product: Bulgur
  • Swedish grown alternative: Crushed barley and pearl barley  
  • Use: Boil with a little turmeric and stock, serve as bulgur.

  • Imported product: Buckwheat Imported
  • Swedish grown alternative: Buckwheat Swedish crushed/flakes/whole
  • Use: Buckwheat flaked and crushed are excellent as bulk to both vegetarian and chicken patties, etc.

    Whole buckwheat can be cooked and used in salads or as a side dish to casseroles. Buckwheat is also good for roasting and can be added to salads, for a little crunch.

  • Imported product: Quinoa importerad
  • Swedish grown alternative: Swedish quinoa
  • Use: Use as a regular quinoa in e.g. salads and patties.

  • Imported product: Chickpeas
  • Swedish grown alternative: Grey pea or yellow peas (grey peas are also very easy to grow yourself!)
  • Use: Yellow peas can be used instead of chickpeas in e.g. Hummus or in patties. Grey Peas have a chewable texture and a rich and nutty flavor and can be used in everything from casseroles and patties, to falafel and salads.

    You can also make pea shoots with yellow peas to get something fresh and green on the salad buffet during the winter.

  • Imported product: Frozen Soybeans/edamame
  • Swedish grown alternative: Frozen Broad beans
  • Use: Frozen fava beans can be used like the edamame/soybean, although they have a bit more taste. They can be used in salads and is very good used in spreads and soups.
  • Swedish grown Alternative 2: Green peas
  • Use: Sweeter and tastier than soybeans but still rich in protein. Try for example sprouting dried green peas! its super good.

  • Imported product: Kidney Beans/Borlotti
  • Swedish grown alternative: Brown beans
  • Use: Brown beans are a classic but with a floury texture that unfortunately makes them difficult to use in the salad buffet. However, they work well in dishes like bean chili, mashed to make patties or as spreads.

  • Imported product: Green lentils/Puy lenses
  • Swedish grown alternative: Gotland lentils and Green lens
  • Use: Boil and use in the same way as green lentils or puy lentils, in salads, stews and patties.

  • Imported product: Icebergs and other imported lettuce during the winter months
  • Swedish grown alternative: Chinese cabbage + something deep green
  • Use: Mix e.g. Finely shredded Chinese cabbage with pea sprouts or steamed kale. Both fresh, super-healthy and climate smart.

Sara Jervfors

Head of project, MatLust & Head of Diet Units in Södertälje municipality and Gnesta municipality
Tel: +46 08 523 064 66

Helena Nordlund

Project manager, MatLust
Tel: + 46 08 523 071 23

Latest update: 22 April 2021
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