Diet for a Green Planet in Practice

It is a carrying principle in Diet for a Green Planet that food habits should strive to align to local and particular conditions. It is thanks to this flexibility that the concept has shown useful in as different conditions as Sweden, Catalonia, Belarus and Dominican Republic. 

For example in Sweden it is encouraged to eat more root crops like beetroot and swedes, but also meat from egg producing hens, since these otherwise have have been wasted for lack of market.

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Sara Jervfors

Head of project, MatLust & Head of Diet Units in Södertälje municipality and Gnesta municipality
Tel: +46 08 523 064 66

Helena Nordlund

Project manager, MatLust
Tel: + 46 08 523 071 23

Hans von Essen

Senior Advisor, BERAS International Foundation & Main teacher, Diet for a Green Planet for Change Managers
Tel: +46 735 627738

Latest update: 4 February 2021
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Diet for a Green Planet is a concept by Södertälje kommun via the project MatLust