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Hans von Essen

Senior advisor, Food Systems. MD BERAS International Foundation. Main teacher, Diet for a Green Planet, Change Leader, Stensund Folk Highschool. Main teacher, Diet for a Green Planet, Managing Transformations in the Food System, Novia University.
Tel: +46 735 627738

Latest update: 4 February 2021
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The five criteria

Tasty and healthy food To become popular and have an impact, the food must be well prepared, and well composed. […]

Södertälje Sustainable Food Society 2011–2013

The project Södertälje Sustainable Food Society worked to establish and bring together participants in the food sector. The participants were […]

BERAS Library

The BERAS projects produced four main products that have been translated into different languages: Guidelines for Ecological Recycling Agriculture – […]

Diet for a Green Planet is a concept by Södertälje kommun via the project MatLust