BERAS Implementation 2010–2013

In the BERAS Implementation project (Building Ecological Regenerative Agriculture and Societies), which was in fact an implementation based on the results in BERAS 2003-2006, 24 partners in 9 countries and 35 associated members from 11 countries participated.

The point of departure for the project is three concepts that can contribute to reducing eutrophication and the climate impact in general as well as promoting biodiversity:

  • Ecological Regenerative Agriculture
  • Sustainable Food Societies
  • Diet for a Green Planet (named "Diet for a Clean Baltic" at the time)

Södertörn University was Lead Partner. This project also included Södertälje municipality's Diet Unit, which began its work with implementing the Diet for a Clean Baltic concept (now Diet for a Green Planet) in public meals.

The project produced several concepts, policies and recommendations advocating a conversion to Ecological Regenerative Agriculture (ERA).

Find material from BERAS Implementation in the BERAS Library.

Sara Jervfors

Kostchef i Södertälje och Gnesta kommun samt projektchef, MatLust
Tel: 08-523 064 66

Hans von Essen

Senior Advisor, BERAS International Foundation & Huvudlärare, Diet for a Green Planet förändringsledare
Tel: 0735627738

Uppdaterad: 29 januari 2021
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