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Diet for a Green Planet – managing transformations in the food system

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Become a change leader for sustainable food systems

Do you have an interest in food production or do you work with food? Do you find it challenging to fit together the concepts of healthy food and sustainability for people and the planet?

Food systems are a key factor in improving sustainability and you who work with food or are interested in food can become a change leader in this field. Leading change towards sustainable food systems requires a holistic approach because food often evokes emotions, the food system is complex and the rate of change is high in the area.

The Diet for a Green Planet online course is designed and adapted to professionals working with food and people with an interest in sustainability alike. The participants get thorough knowledge of sustainable food systems and work with their transformation and leadership qualities.

Welcome to a course that combines thorough knowledge of sustainable food with transformation management!

Note that:

  • The Diet for a Green Planet course is conducted online.
  • The course assignment is a plan for change you would like to achieve in your organisation/company/professional life.

Important dates

26.4: Registration for the course closes.

20.5 / 27.5 / 3.6 / 10.6: Introductory meetings to ”Understanding sustainability in the food system”.


Hans von Essen, agronomist/senior advisor at BERAS International.

Malin Håkansson, PhD in Human factors/Ergonomics, change leader in Diet for a Green Planet.

... and guest lecturers who are experts in the field.

Aimed for:

People working in the food system – from farm to fork:

  • Primary producers.
  • Sustainability developers, planners.
  • Processing – artesan food producers.
  • Public food, tender.
  • Catering, restaurants.
  • People with an interest in sustainability and food studies.

By whom

Novia University of Applied Sciences together with BERAS International.


The total cost for this course of 15 cr is 200€. This is divided into two separate payments. One at the beginning of the first study unit, and the second in January 2022.


Register here

More information

Read more on www.novia.fi


Marianne Fred, Novia University of Applied Sciences

Hans von Essen

Senior rådgivare, matsystem. VD BERAS International Foundation.
Tel: 0735627738

Maria Micha

Projektledare, Mission Matmiljö, Lokal mat för lokala marknader m.fl. Forskningsrelaterade samarbeten, MatLust Utvecklingsnod
Tel: 08-523 064 40

Uppdaterad: 1 april 2021
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