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The BERAS projects produced four main products that have been translated into different languages:

Guidelines for Ecological Recycling Agriculture – in four volumes and available for free download in 7 languages (English, Swedish, German, Estonian, Lithuanian, Danish and Norwegian). For farmers and farm advisors.

Diet for a Green Planet in Practice – Swedish and English editions are straight translations. Corresponding brochures have been made in Lithuanian for the city Moletai, in Polish for Lomza, in Catalan and Spanish for Mollet de Vallès and in Russian for Belarus. These have different content and local recipes.

Farming for the future (Available in English, Swedish and Russian) – gives an overview of the historic and scientific background to the BERAS concepts and presents the most important scientific results

Other materials: research publications, educational materials and more.

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Hans von Essen
Senior rådgivare, matsystem. VD BERAS International Foundation. Huvudlärare, Diet for a Green Planet förändringsledare, Stensund Folkhögskola. Huvudlärare, Diet for a Green Planet, Managing Transformations in the Food System, Yrkeshögskolan Novia.
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Diet for a Green Planet är ett koncept från Södertälje kommun via projekt MatLust