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Liisis farm / Liisi Talu

"Liisi Talu" - Estonian (Anne Luik, 2010)

"Liisi's Farm" - English (Anne Luik, 2010)

We Share a Sea

A book for children in and grade in primary school ”We share a Sea” including a pedagogic material on how to use it was produced in cooperation with the Danish partner and the Danish Ministry of Education. 

The danish original has been translated to English, Lithuanian, Swedish, German, Estonian and Chinese and those can be downloaded for free here

Printed copies of the Swedish version are available. Please contact

The whole pedagogic material including directions for teachers (in Danish) is available here

For a younger age group ”Liisis farm” was produced by the Estonian partner and is available in Estonian here and English here.

Hans von Essen

Senior rådgivare, matsystem. VD BERAS International Foundation. Huvudlärare, Diet for a Green Planet förändringsledare, Stensund Folkhögskola. Huvudlärare, Diet for a Green Planet, Managing Transformations in the Food System, Yrkeshögskolan Novia.
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